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Our Expert Team


  • Mr. Tusharsubhra De

    Mr. Tusharsubhra De Managing Director

    Mr. De is a post graduate in Transportation Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. He has over 15 years of rich professional experience in Highway and transportation. He enjoys the variety of experience in Transportation Engineering including Traffic impact studies, Traffic modeling & analysis, Construction traffic control, Traffic signal analysis and well versatile with Pavement apart from special focus on Geometrics of Highways and streets, experience knowledge on traffic planning and transportation, congestion and travel demand modeling, parking management, traffic assignment, economic analysis and innovative mechanisms to bridge the gap between demand and supply of parking.He served as a Senior Highway Engineer for eminent organization of WSAPL, LASA, Gherzi Eastern Ltd.etc.

  • Mr. Kalyan S Gayen

    Mr. Kalyan S Gayen Executive Director

    Mr. Gayen is Rich with professional 15 Years experiences of various transportation project, Mr Gayen has been involved in various Highways and Railway projects in combination of Design, Supervision and Field Studies with geometrics of alignment and CAD competence. He enjoys the variety of experience in Pavement Material, Subgrade Parameters and Highway Safety.Responsible for work pertaining to alignment correction both vertical/horizontal and preparation of drawing for new alignment, Bridge siting and co-ordination of all activities related to geo-technical investigations, bridge design, alignment finalization also Experience in Pavement, Material, Sub-grade Parameters and Highway Safety, Intelligence Transportation System & IT Infrastructure Strategy Expert.


  • Mr. Sourav Dasgupta

    Mr. Sourav DasguptaDirector, Projects

    Mr. Dasgupta is widely experienced in Highway / Railway engineering with a good understanding of Engineering surveys and investigation. As a project head, he has been involved in Highway design project, Traffic & Transportation Planning, Preparation of database and analysis of Transportation Statistics, feasibility studies and Quality control work, Pavement engineering, pavement strength evaluation, preparation of BOQ, contract documents and report of road projects. Monitoring project management, giving technical direction, liaison with Client and Concessionaire. He has been working in this field for last ten years. He has also good project management skill for successful completion of a number of projects.

  • Mr. D R Bhattacharya

    Mr. D R Bhattacharya Director, Finance

    Mr. Bhattacharya is a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Business Administration and a Chartered Accountant. He has experience touching almost two decades in Financial Analysis/Consulting/ Due Diligence. He has developed the plan for the entire project and the overall business possibilities for various sectors after conducting market research and risk analysis. Also worked at lead corporate finance and accounting unit as accounting manager, accountants, senior-level executives. Managed financial operations, reporting to stockholders, bankers, lenders, and Board of Directors.

  • Mr. J R Sarkar

    Mr. J R SarkarHead, Road Safety

    Mr. Sarkar has over 40 years of rich professional experience with expertise in Transport Planning, Transportation Engineering at National and International level .Range of expertise includes formulating quality assurance plans (QAP), organizing & successfully completing various traffic studies, Network Planning & development of Traffic Management schemes, traffic safety studies & control measures ,Toll Modeling ,working as key Expert for complex Highway and Transportation Studies starting from conceptualization to implementation for many Landmark Projects.

  • Dr. Subhendu Seth

    Dr. Subhendu SethDirector,Technical

    Mr. Seth is a resourceful civil engineer, having more than 20years experienced in highway engineering project from the initial conceptual stage, through feasibility study and to detailed design in India & abroad. He possesses a broad range of technical / leadership skills to provide support for Project Management and technical direction of a multidisciplinary team for preparation of PPR, and DPR. The responsibility includes planning, scheduling and formation of a dedicated task force upto completion of the assignment as per schedule. The task comprised of review cost estimation, project packaging, report finalization, Meeting, discussion and presentation to client.

  • Mr. Mithun Das

    Mr. Mithun DasDirector,Information Technology

    Mr. Das is an Open Source Expert with 10 years of industry experience in LAMP and LEMP Stack, MEAN Stack, AGILE/SCRUM Methodology, System architecture and design, STLC Design and incorporation, Database Modeling and Optimization. He specializes in CMM set up; which includes HR policy incorporation and Resource planning, Business flow planning, Client relations, Cloud setup, Process implementation, Product Planning, Execution management, Product Security management, Risk allocation and Delivery planning , Software documentation and versioning . Mr. Das is a regular contributor to various Open Source projects and is a part of the Locomotive and SequelizeJs contribution team; his presence in Github, Stack overflow and other Open Source forums is quiet reckoning.

  • Mrs. Romena Mukhapadhay

    Mrs. Romena MukhapadhayHead,GIS and Remote Sensing

    Mrs. Mukhopadhyay is an M.Sc. (Environment) from SMU and Post Graduate Diploma in Environment Management from IISWBM, Kolkata. She also has done Certificate courses on GIS (bagged first position) and AutoCAD from CAD Centre, Jadavpur University. She also has successfully done (bagged first position) ‘Environmental Laboratory Analysis’ Course from ‘Sea Explorers’ Institute approved by State Council for Vocational Training under Directorate of Industrial Training, Govt. of West Bengal. Romena has 7 years experience in the field of Solid Waste Management and Geographical Information System. She worked as a project manager and was responsible for mapping, layering maps with generation of RDBMs for different municipalities.


  • Mr. Bholanath Maity

    Mr. Bholanath MaityCAD Engineer

    Mr. Maity has over 10 years of rich professional experience in civil engineering drawing. Responsible for all type of Drawing work including alignment correction vertical/horizontal and preparation plan, profile, and cross-section for Highway Engineering, Bridge drawing etc.

  • Mr. Somnath Shil

    Mr. Somnath ShilGeotechnical Engineer

    Mr. Shil post graduate in Civil Engineering. He is assisting the Geotechnical Engineering and other related work. He is a keen learner and having knowledge in Retrofitting of Structures and Ground Improvement Techniques.

  • Ms. Beena Shaw

    Ms. Beena ShawGeologist Engineer

    Ms. Shaw a Post Graduate in Applied Geology is assisting Geotechnical Engineering related works. She has four years experience in preparation of geotechnical and geological report with lab testing of soil and rock for foundation design.

  • Mr. Tamojit Ghosh

    Mr. Tamojit GhoshTransportation Engineer

    Mr. Ghosh B.Tech in civil engineering is playing a key role in guiding survey and transportation projects and all other works related to civil engineering. He is very much interested in survey and transportation engineering and accomodating himself quickly with the new projects.

  • Mr. Koushik Pal

    Mr. Kousik PalTransportation Engineer

    Mr. Pal B.E. in Civil Engineering from I.I.E.S.T., Shibpur, is playing a key role in assisting the survey projects, Road Safety, Pavement design, Estimating of Rural road and other related works in civil Engineering. He is a keen learner and immensely interested in Transport Engineering.

  • Mr. Appuraj Pal

    Mr. Appuraj Pal Transportation Engineer

    Mr. Pal B.E in Civil Engineering and also having diploma in Civil Engineering is playing an important role in Transportation, Geotechnical & Survey Projects and other related works in civil engineering. He is a quick learner and very hard working with having very much interest in Transportation and Geotechnical Engineering.

  • Mr. Anirban Mandal

    Mr. Anirban MandalBridge Design Expert

    Mr. Mandal is a post graduate in Geotechnical engineering from IIT Kanpur in 1999. He has more than 16 years experience in Bridge Engineering and Structures.He had been in core design team for various complex structures including major bridges over 200 m lengths, flyovers and interchanges. Had a stint with various Infrastructure/Engineering Consulting Companies of repute like CES, Gherzi eastern LTD,RITES.

  • Mr. Rajkumar Banerjee

    Mr. Rajkumar Banerjee Geotechnical Expert

    Mr. Banerjee is a post graduate in Geotechnical Engineer with over 12 years of professional experience. He has been involved in ground investigation for power station, multistoried building , Bridges, balanced with the value of desk studies, planning and executing site investigations, data interpretation and reporting. He scoped and oversaw Quality Control for road Projects..

  • Mr. Archiman Chaudhury

    Mr. Archiman Chaudhury Structural Consultant

    Mr. Chaudhury is a Post Graduate in Civil Engineering in Structures. He carries a rich experience of 14 years in Structural Engineering. His range of expertise includes Analysis & Design of Offshore Structures, Silo and support structures, Stacks, Absorber, Pipe racks, Duct Supports and wet stack support etc in various Industrial and Power Projects.He scoped and oversaw Quality Control for road Projects.

Operation Management Team

  • Mr. Jayanta Dhara

    Mr. Jayanta Dhara GM, Admin

  • Mr. Atanu Santra

    Mr. Atanu SantraGM, Projects

  • Mr. Palash Shamantra

    Mr. Palash ShamantraSr. Operation Manager

  • Mr. Biplab Ghorui

    Mr. Biplab GhoruiSr. Operation Manager

  • Mr. Nisit Patra

    Mr. Nisit Patra AGM, Admin

  • Mr. Joytirmoy Pakhira

    Mr. Joytirmoy Pakhira AGM, Projects

  • Mr. Biswanath Manna

    Mr. Biswanath MannaAGM, Accounts

  • Mr. Rajkumar Dhara

    Mr. Rajkumar DharaAGM,Laboratory

  • Mr. Sumanta Pakhira

    Mr. Sumanta PakhiraAGM,Geotechnical

Operation Team

  • Mr. Biswarup Chatterjee

    Mr. Biswarup Chatterjee   Head, Accounts

  • Mr. Ramkrishna Santra

    Mr. Ramkrishna Santra   Head, Materials

  • Mr. Nabakumar Santra

    Mr. Nabakumar Santra  Head, Mechanic

  • Mr. Avijit Adak

    Mr. Avijit Adak  Head, Laboratory

  • Mr. Biswajit Maity

    Mr. Biswajit Maity  Head, Accounts (CO)

  • Mr. Biplab Maity

    Mr. Biplab Maity  Operation Manager

  • Mr. Panchanan Santra

    Mr. Panchanan Santra Operation Manager

  • Mr. Asish Sadhukhan

    Mr. Asish Sadhukhan Operation Manager

  • Mr. Santi Nayek

    Mr. Santi Nayek   Operation Manager

  • Mr. Pravas Maiti

    Mr. Pravas Maiti Operation Manager

  • Mr. Nabajit Kakati

    Mr. Nabajit Kakati  Operation Manager

  • Mr. Subhendu Swar

    Mr. Subhendu Swar Operation Manager

  • Mr. Santanu Patra

    Mr. Santanu Patra Operation Manager

  • Mr. Dipak Baishya

    Mr. Dipak Baishya  Sr. Surveyor

  • Mr. Manash Das

    Mr. Manash Das  Sr. Lab Engineer