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We carry out hydrological survey for the Design of waterways, Irrigation system, Storm drains, Bridges and other Cross drainage structures. To supervise road network and to direct its development, analysis and maintenance we deal with Road Inventory, Roughness survey, Benkelman Beam Deflection Test (BBD) etc. For Bridges and culverts, the purpose is to define testing in a precise and systematic way to detect structural and functional deficiencies. By taking a proactive role in testing we check and cross-check all the probabilities of structural failure to improve safety. Our prelim recommendations are given regarding replacement or repairing allowing clients to make decisions regarding cost and alternatives. The dynamic properties are strain dependent and their estimates and ranges of the variation are obtained by field test such as Seismic Refraction test etc.

The following category of investigation would demonstrate our potentiality in capturing High precision data:

  •  Roughness Survey
  •  Road Inventory and Condition
  •  BBD Survey
  •  DCPT for Pavements
  •  Bridge and Culvert Inventory and condition assessment
  •  Plate Load Test
  •  Seismic Refraction
  •  Non destructive Test
  •  Block Vibration Test
  •  Earth Resistivity


  •  Detailed inventory and condition survey of bridge & culvert including all necessary investigations for 765.00 Km NH standard Road of structure in All State of North East Region
     Location: North East Region
      Client: SMEC International Pty Ltd,Australia
  •  Soil investigation of bridges including testing under road network project II, ADB BHU-G 0174.
     Location: Bhutan
      Client: Sheladia Associates Inc. USA
  •  Detailed engineering services including subsoil investigation, materials survey of 54.23 Km roads in Nadia district ADB project.
     Location: West Bengal
      Client: NH Division-VI, PWD, WB
  •  Engineering testing for tunnels and major bridges near about rajasthan for Indore-Dahod section new BG line in Madhya Pradesh (MP).
     Location: Madhya Pradesh
      Client: Western Railway, Ratlam
  •  Detailed engineering services including topographical survey, soil investigation, materials survey, traffic studies, detailed project report & BOQ of 24.19 Km Roads in West Garo hills.
     Location: Meghalaya
      Client: PWD Roads, Meghalaya