To keep our teams integrated and for creating enhanced team spirit we periodically arrange sports and special delight hours at all our workplaces, where each employee can get to know about special abilities and passions of others, that help us to be emotionally bonded. We happily follow our lenient regulations that allow every individual to enjoy their works.

We arrange periodical seminars and workshops to exchange views of everybody that eases big challenges and make every individual of the team aware of the goal we are going to attain in the stipulated time.

Our friendly cordial teams are respectful to others and appreciate each other at their good work. We provide equal opportunities to everyone for their growth and as an encouraging gesture; we delight the good works by rewarding them in our annual programme Get-Together.


Senior Surveyor Experience: 7 years+

Description: Senior Surveyor for Road/Rail survey project, need to work on DGPS data processing. Candidate should have experience of Bridges, Highways & Railway related projects work. Work location as per project requirement(Pan India).

Draughtsman / AutoCad Expert Experience: 1-5 years

Description:We are looking for a candidate with thorough knowledge & good skills in AutoCAD drawings for detailed drawings for different type of roads and bridges, ability to explain the diagrams, charts. Candidate should have experience of Bridges & Highways related work.

Structural Engineer Experience: 5-7 years

Skills:Bridge Design, Calculation | Culvert | Rail & Highway Tunnel | Retaining Wall
All Civil Structure Reinforcement Calculations

Lab Testing Engineer Experience: 0-1 year

Description: We require hard working lab technician in disciplines of concrete/ aggregates/ construction material/ bitumen/ water/environmental parameters testing.

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