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Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about civil engineering.

LiDAR Technology

How does LiDAR work?

How many types of LiDAR are there?

Comparison of small-footprint discrete return and full waveform airborne lidar data

What are flight plans and why are they important?

What is a point cloud?

Difference between LiDAR and Point Cloud

Survey and Mapping

What is the difference between lidar and photogrammetry?

What are drones used for in surveying?

How Topographic Surveys are used?

What information is on a topographic map?

What would you use a topographic map for?

What are bathymetric contours?

Geotechnical Engineering

Why Geotechnical Engineering is needed?

What are the benefits of geotechnical survey?

What is the importance of geotechnical order in drilling?

What is a geodetic survey?

Road Asset and Inventory | Pavement and Subgrade Analysis

What is the subgrade in road construction

Why we need subgrade and Material testing for highways/ roads

Why do we need pavement survey and analysis?