Design of 372km NH54 road from Aizawl to Tuipang, Mizoram

NF Rail Silchar

Bhairabi, Mizoram

Service CategoryMobile LiDAR Mapping, Geotechnical SectorHighway Engineering

Government Of India (GOI) raises “Special Accelerated Road Development Programme for North-East” recognizing the current inadequate transportation infrastructure facility of the North - Eastern States of our country. In this context Aizawl to Tuipang portion of NH-54 with 380 k length has been taken up in priority for the required widening and corresponding data collection and compilation in develpment process has been taken up by us.

The existing NH-54 was originally constructed as ODR Standard Road during the early part of seventies. It was constructed by the BRO. The road was constructed to provide connectivity to the Southern Districts of Mizoram. The road was upgraded to the status of National Highway in the year 1980. No substantial improvement of the road other than normal renewal works have been carried out since the road was declared a National Highway. Additional capacity therefore needs to be developed by widening the roads to two - lane standards and strengthening the existing pavement crust.

It has been perceived the proposed road development will not only ease the traffic congestion and accident proneness but also improve the connectivity to through the branch roads towards remote villages and trade rout of international border.

The project road passed along the foothills of large Mountains, which is quite young with typical character of varied composition and stability problems of landslides. Major part of the road is situated in the hilly terrain. The entire road runs through the high rainfall region. Because of topography and terrain, innumerable Jhoras have crossed the road at various locations.

With intent to minimise the environmental impact due to widening and countermeasure for critical slope failure section, detailed geological/geotechnical investigation and Topographical assessment have been carried out for reviewing/modifying design/drawing of required to propose slope protection etc and other technical decisions.