Detailed engineering survey for Water Resource Project of Sahibganj Town on River Ganga

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Sahibganj, Jharkhand

Service CategoryGeotechnical SectorWater Resource Engineering

It was proposed to collect the Ganga River water through pipe for a water treatment plant to supply to Sahibganj main town.

M/s BPC INDIA has been entrusted to execute the work including Boring / Drilling, Field test and Laboratory test for the locations of For this work, a soil investigation work for an Intake jetty, a bridge for holding the pipe and water treatment plant need to be constructed.

The tasks that are performed during the project work are as follows:

  • Sub-surface condition to develop geotechnical recommendation for foundation for different structures.
  • Soil Investigation study was conducted in the following phases
  • Drilling / Boring for identifications of the subsoil strata in accordance with Bureau of Indian Standards.
  • To Know nature of the underlying strata and generalized sub-soil profile up to the depth of boring.
  • The fieldwork also included collection of disturbed and undisturbed soil and rock samples for determination of the Soil Classification, Shear strength parameters and Settlement characteristics.
  • To conduct laboratory tests like index properties, Shear & strength test relevant properties.
  • Analyzing all field and laboratory data to develop foundation design and construction recommendations.