Final Location Survey by DGPS/Total Station for Alignment Finalization and Hydrological Study

NF Rail Silchar


Service CategoryTopograpgy SectorRailway Engineering

The proposed new BG line will give railway connectivity to landlocked areas in Mizoram and ensure supply of food grains and essentials to the residents and export of locally grown agricultural and forest products.

The proposed BG line will bring Mizoram to the railway map of India by giving connectivity to Silchar & Guwahati, two major North Eastern Towns.

There are 224 Bridges and 24 tunnels in the section. The main objective of the project is to submit the Detail alignment design complying with the alignment of already constructed tunnels and bridges at site. Redesigning the alignment after construction of structures was most challenging in this project that we successfully performed.


The tasks that are performed during the project work are as follows:

  • Final Alignment design and monitoring, construction stake out, guidance to maintain alignment and levels of all bridges and tunnels.
  • Staking out of final alignment.
  • Hydrology Analysis, Land Acquisition Plans, Preparation & revision of Detailed Plan & L-Section.