Final Location Survey for BG line doubling from Bathinda-Bhildi.

North Western Railway

Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat

SERVICE CATEGORYTopo Survey, Geotechnical, Laboratory Testing SectorRailway Engineering

The Indian Railway is the lifeline to the whole country in terms of carrying goods as well as passengers to all corners of the country. Rajasthan being the place of tourist interest attracts much traffic from and outside the country.

Keeping in mind the North Western railway considered capacity development by Doubling of present existing single BG line that connects Punjab Haryana Rajasthan Gujarat in North to South direction to improve frequency of trains, improving max speed to 130 kmph than the current max speed of 100 kmph and hence better timing and convenience.

The existing BG line is the main rail connector of 4 important Indian states namely Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat for freight as well as passenger traffic. The project stretch begins from Bathinda, a major junction station of Punjab and runs through Hisar, a very important junction station of Haryana and thereafter it enters into Rajasthan state to traverse Sadulpur & Ratangarh Junction to reach Degana Junction. Thus this line provides connectivity to Jodhpur, a very eminent tourist attraction of Rajasthan. Then further the line passes through Luni & Samdari junction to enter Gujarat state to finally reach Bhildi Junction through the agricultural areas of Gujarat.

This project corridor gives direct connectivity to marble Quarries of Rajasthan near Makrana and also gives indirect connectivity to Mount Abu, a significant tourist place and then towards the end of this project stretch Out of the approximate 900+ km stretch about 150 km was doubled earlier by NWR and presently North Western Railway is looking for this entire length with a betterment of speed in new proposed doubling to smooth timely operation of trains in that route and considering the future traffic growth and demand. Punjab and Haryana being a belt of several agricultural products as well as an industry hub for manufacturing different kinds of products not only to different parts of India but also to abroad. Moreover this BG line has connectivity with the national capital Delhi through Sadulpur as well as through Hisar Junction. Thus the need of doubling of this project is felt necessary by the Government of India. Before starting the construction work we were offered to conduct the Final location survey work where our basic function was to conduct a survey to give a route map design, conducting geotechnical investigations for knowing sub soil characteristics and preparation of standard railway drawing like General Arrangement drawings and designing of bridges, yard plans etc.

The tasks that are performed during the project work are as follows:

  • DGPS Survey for Topographic Features
  • Survey of Station Yard Areas
  • Design of P-way for Detailed Plan and L-Section
  • Levelling of Centre Line and Cross Section
  • Control Point and TBM fixation
  • Staking out of center line on ground
  • Bridges and Culverts Inventory
  • Hydrology Calculations and analysis
  • Design and Drawing of Major, Minor & important Bridges
  • Geotechnical Investigation for Bridges, Cut & Fill areas, stations
  • Laboratory testing of all soil & rock samples
  • Foundation calculations and Bearing capacity Reports
  • Preparation of Station Yard Plans (ESP)
  • Preparation of Index Plan
  • Preparation of Index Section
  • Preparation of Land Plans
  • Preparation of Land Acquisition Proposals
  • Estimation of Earthwork and Blanket quantity
  • Assisting Railway officials to prepare DPR & estimate.