Preparation of DPR of the proposed Karru Irrigation Scheme in Block Bagmundi, Dist-Purulia, and West Bengal.

Wapcos Ltd.

Purulia,West Bengal.

SERVICE CATEGORYGeotechnical, Laboratory Testing SectorWater Resource Engineering

Irrigation & Waterways Department to construct a suitable dam or series of dams across river Karru and Sindhri in the catchment area of the dam in block-Bagmundi, Purulia district, West Bengal to create a storage which can be used for irrigation purpose for in the said water stressed block.

The proposed Karru Dam area (Bagmundi) is located at the western border of Purulia District, West Bengal. Baghmundi block characterized by the rocky and sloppy terrain of Ajodhya Mountain range.

During rainfall, there is a huge run off of rainwater because of slopes and these streams carry with them water, topsoil and also wash away parts of the field which come on the way the stream. The major source of livelihood of the block is agriculture. Parts of block-like Baghmundi, Sindri, Suisa villages do vegetable farming.

So, a reliable and suitable irrigation water supply can result in vast improvement in agricultural production, avoid the flood situation and assure the economic vitality of the region.

A comprehensive & detailed Geotechnical investigation program comprising boreholes, Geophysical, Installation of standpipe for long term water level monitoring, trial Pits was implemented for understanding the sub-surface strata for various units covering proposed DAM Facility

The tasks that are performed during the project work are as follows:

  • Mobilization of hydraulic drilling rigs, water pumps, power packs, testing tools and accessories etc. for drilling, sampling, carrying out various other field tests.
  • Obtain soil / Rock samples, both representative and undisturbed (wherever possible) for classification tests and other laboratory tests for determining engineering properties
  • Obtain penetration resistance by Standard Penetration test in the boreholes in overburden soil
  • Field Permeability test on Soil and /rock.
  • Installation of Stand Pipe to Monitor the Water table
  • Geophysical Tests
  • Swell Shrink characteristics of clayey silt layer.
  • CBR values for Pavement design.
  • Suitability of in situ soil for filling.
  • Broad remediation strategies.
  • Recommendations for minor /lightly loaded structures
  • Recommendations for design of shallow /deep foundations /Stone Columns/machine foundation.
  • Quality of water in contact with foundations.
  • Finding of Potential Geological /other hazards
  • Detail Project Report.