Drilling at Shalboni main project area for proposed industrial park for manufacturing of iron and steel in West Bengal.

JSW Bengal Steel Ltd.

Shalboni, West Bengal

SERVICE CATEGORYGeotechnical, Geophysical Sector

JSW Steel is setting up a ten million tonne integrated steel plant at Shalboni in West Bengal on 4,800 acre land.

The JSW Bengal Steel Ltd. proposed industrial park for manufacturing of iron and steel at Shalboni in Paschim Medinipur district of West Bengal near about 150 kms from Kolkata. The JSW Bengal Steel Ltd has appointed M/S BPC India to conduct field tests, sampling and laboratory testing as per the standard specifications.

The overall objectives of the sub soil investigation were to study and evaluate the stratigraphy of the said project location and to obtain sub soil parameters of the subsurface formations for design and construction of foundation of different units of plant and approx 30Km of 2lane road.

The subsoil consists of compact, reddish to brownish lateritic soil consisting of a high percentage of morrum and kankars with clay binder. Considering the subsoil quality, its strength properties and foundation scheme with pavement design parameters.

The tasks that are performed during the project work are as follows:

  • Engineering properties of soil and rock
  • Location and extent of weak layers and cavities, if any, below the founding strata
  • Subsurface geological conditions such as, type of rock, structure of rock, i.e., folds faults, fissures, shear zone, fractures, joints, dykes and subsidence due to mining or presence of cavities.
  • Ground water table.
  • Artesian conditions, if any
  • Quality of water in contact with foundations
  • Suitable foundation level
  • Safe bearing capacity of foundation stratum
  • Probable settlement and probable differential settlement of foundation.
  • Lab CBR and Field CBR
  • Pavement Design