Engineering Consultancy services for Construction of Secondary Tank Farm Project

Tata Consulting Engineers Limited/ Oil India Duliajan

Duliajan, Assam

SERVICE CATEGORYGeotechnical, Geophysical SectorIndustrial Plant

OIL INDIA intends to create a Secondary Tank Farm (STF) near Madhuban , Duliajan, Assam with safe storage capacity of crude oil of 40,000 KLs on 30 acre of Land .

Oil India Limited (OIL) has been entrusted to implement the development for new Secondary Tank Farm at Madhuban, near Duliajan, Assam. Tank farm will also include the following facilities

  • Dehydration of wet crude and pumping out of dry crude to NHK CTF.
  • Treatment of separated formation water.
  • Safe disposal of clarified/treated formation water for disposal into

Shallow disposal wells as well as to Water Injection Stations for injection to the reservoir.

Field Investigation consists of 35 bore holes, which were drilled up to a depth of 45 meter below existing ground / bed level at the project locations of the proposed Oil Collection Station

A comprehensive & detailed Geotechnical investigation program comprising boreholes, Electrical Resistivity Tests, Installation of standpipe for long term water level monitoring, trial Pits and Liquefaction assessment tests was implemented for understanding the subsurface strata for various units covering proposed STF Facility.

The tasks that are performed during the project work are as follows:

  • Mobilization of hydraulic drilling rigs, water pumps, power packs, testing tools and accessories etc. for drilling, sampling, carrying out various other field tests.
  • Obtain soil / Rock samples, both representative and undisturbed (wherever possible) for classification tests and other laboratory tests for determining engineering properties;
  • Obtain penetration resistance by Standard Penetration test in the boreholes in overburden soil;
  • Field Permeability test on Soil and /rock.
  • Installation of Stand Pipe to Monitor the Water table
  • Static Cone Penetration Test.
  • Electrical Resistivity Test.
  • Block Vibration Test.
  • Cyclic Plate Load Test.
  • Shear wave tests for assessing Vulnerability to Liquefaction.
  • Percolation Characteristics.
  • CBR values for Pavement design
  • Suitability of in situ soil for filling.
  • Broad remediation strategies.
  • Recommendations for minor /lightly loaded structures
  • Recommendations for design of shallow /deep foundations /Stone Columns/machine foundation.
  • Finding of Potential Geological /other hazards
  • Quality of water in contact with foundations.
  • Detail Project Report.