Geotechnical Investigation for Tunnel between Numaligarh(NH-37) and Gohpur(NH-52) over river Brahmaputra

Louis Berger Consultant Pvt. Ltd


Service CategoryGeotechnical Investigation, Laboratory Testing SectorHighway Engineering

In the proposed development project, the National Highway and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited has proposed to develop connectivity between the two banks of the river Brahmaputra. The strategic multi-modal transportation system aims to integrate the rail and highway network smoother. They can be considerably more cost-effective than alternative options.

This project is to carry out the upgradation and preparation of feasible study and detailed project report for the proposed tunnel on river Brahmaputra which will be a connector between Numaligarh and Gohpur.

The tasks performed during the project are:

  • Topographic, Geomorphologic, and aerial distribution study of the proposed area
  • Geotechnical Investigation to identify the soil and its depth
  • Field permeability test to determine the water percolation capacity
  • Pressuremeter Test
  • Los Angeles Abrasion value Test
  • Geophysical Investigation
  • Testing report and calculations
  • Detailed cost estimate and detailed project report