Traffic Assessment and Management for Jamshedpur Development Plan

Jurong Consultant India Pvt. Ltd. / TATA STEEL

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

SERVICE CATEGORYTraffic Engineering SectorHighway

Master Plan for Redevelopment of Jamshedpur City has been conceived for an area of 69 .covering the entire Jamshedpur Notified Area.

The proposed study is expected to cover the Jamshedpur Notified Area which is surrounded by urban agglomeration of Mango, Jugsalai Municipality, other urban fringes and Industrial area of Adityapur.

All the marketplaces and facilities being available in the notified area, it attracts a huge volume of city trips from the greater Jamshedpur Area. The Main objective is to give Traffic Survey and Analysis Traffic Safety Consultation, Urban Transport Modeling and Traffic Management plans.

There is an increasing need to serve higher growth of population in Jamshedpur and around the urban agglomeration. While residential development is happening eastward side of Jamshedpur, the industrial development mainly happens towards western side of Adityapur.

Large part of industrial working population of Jamshedpur and Adityapur are residents of Jugsalai Municipal area and commuters pass through Jamshedpur road network. Therefore the roads under Jamshedpur Municipal Authority should be widened 2 / 4 lane for the smooth traffic flow.

The objectives of Traffic Assessment are:

  • Review and ease congested junctions & areas
  • Recommend parking standards
  • Design good public transport system
  • New road links and bridges to improve regional connectivity
  • Define hierarchy of road system & cross-sections
  • To improve railway station, bus facilities & terminals
  • Direct and Efficient connectivity to future airport
  • This would cover improvement at intersection, corridor development plan by widening of roads, up gradation of roads to 2 to 4 lane area wide traffic management plan etc. and will utilize traffic system management measures to gain improved level of service