1200 Km PMGSY Road DPR for road under PMGSY


West Bengal and Tripura

Service CategoryMobile LiDAR Mapping, Geotechnical, Traffic Engineering, Topographical Survey SectorHighway Engineering

The government of India is taking care of rural connectivity in all Indian states by the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana scheme and thus empowering the nation. These PMGSY roads are providing better connectivity to schools, and educational institutes, markets where agricultural products can be purchased and sold, and moreover these roads are also giving connectivity with the existing Highways and thus for holistic socio-economic development of the country PMGSY plays a very important role.

In various districts of West Bengal and Tripura different traffic category roads were selected for constructions and repair, updations in PMGSY projects. These roads provide better connectivity to existing markets and educational institutes to remote villages.

Along with the roads cross drainage structures i.e bridges, culverts coming through the roads are also being newly constructed for proper drainage from the surrounding catchment areas.

The tasks that are performed during the project work are as follows:

  • Detailed Topographical survey and utility survey
  • Traversing of the area through control point network
  • UAV/LiDAR Survey
  • Pavement and subgrade investigation
  • Geotechnical Investigation, laboratory & in-situ testing, foundation analysis
  • Hydraulic study and preparation of GAD of bridges
  • Bridge structural design work
  • Design of roads including geometric design and thickness of different layers, L-Section, cross section, rate analysis, cost estimate, DPR