Lumding-Hojai Doubling BG line (44km) in Assam

Northeast Frontier Railway, Lumding

Lumding, Assam

SERVICE CATEGORY Topography, Soil Investigation SectorRailway Engineering

The Project of Doubling the line between Lumding to Hojai will create the additional carrying capacity for the railways and improve punctuality of the trains.

Northeast Frontier Railway (NF Railway) had the proposal for provision of patch doubling in between stations Lumding (including) & Hojai (including) in connection with Lumding – Hojai – patch – Doubling work. The project cost is INR 2100 cr.

The Project stretches were about forty eight kilometers in from Lumding to Hojai section belongs to Nagaon district in Assam. The project stretch was from 146+210 km to 191+285 km passes through Hojai, Dhalpukhari, Lanka, Habaipur, Lamsakhong, Pathorkhola and Lumding in the district of Nagaon, Assam.

Project Scope or Services

The tasks that are performed during the project work are as follows:

  • Final Location Survey including Theodolite Traversing etc.
  • Pegging out of alignment on straight and on curves etc
  • Preparation & supply of Maps and plans envisaged.etc
  • Planting of concrete pillars as per the guideline in the contract
  • Design of bridges after site survey (Major & Minor) in Lumding (including) to Hojai.
  • Exploration of surface material and subsoil conditions of the site and provision of general Data relating to the project site.
  • Field identification of soil and rock types, if present, with depth, records of their occurrence and location of their structural discontinuities.
  • Field Standard Penetration Tests to determine the natural bearing resistance of the subsoil for the purpose of design.
  • Collecting disturbed and undisturbed soil samples for visual examination and for carrying out laboratory tests on selected samples to determine the natural, physical and relevant engineering properties of the soil.
  • Drilling in rock in weathered and in hard rock, obtain rock cores of Nx size by diamond core drilling method using double tube core barrels, determination of material characteristics & laboratory tests for determining engineering properties of existing rock, i.e., unconfined compressive strength, water absorption etc
  • Chemical analyses of soil and water samples
  • Evaluation of ground water levels in the borings
  • Carrying out plate load test at founding level etc.
  • Documentation and evaluation of all results in a soil investigation report using SI units after the completion of field work and laboratory test.