Geophysical Investigations work for construction of Central Bowser Unloading Station at Duliajan

HAL Offshore Ltd. / Oil India Duliajan

Duliajan, Assam.

SERVICE CATEGORYGeophysical Topography SectorIndustrial Plant

OIL INDIA intends to create a CBUS at Duliajan, Assam. Hal Offshore has been entrusted by OIL INDIA to do the Project Management Consultancy.

BPC Consultant India Pvt. Ltd. has been awarded by HAL Offshore Limited to conducted Geophysical investigation and submission of a detailed report to provide the designer substrata profile,on the basis of which the foundation for various structures and equipment shall be defined.

The purpose of this test was to obtain shear wave velocity (Vs) and profile of shear wave velocity at the investigated location and assess vulnerability to Liquefaction and deduce dynamic parameters. Tests were carried out through a specialist Geophysicist . Shear wave velocity data furnished by BPC was used as basis and detailed analysis made based on Vs values furnished as per IS:5249/Internationally accepted methods of analysis

The tasks that are performed during the project work are as follows:

  • Mobilization of testing tools and accessories etc. for carrying out various other field tests.
  • Stalking of the proposed Lay out by the help of DGPS instrument.
  • Electrical Resistivity Test.
  • Shear wave tests for assessing Vulnerability to Liquefaction.
  • Broad remediation strategies.
  • Recommendations for design of shallow /deep foundations /Stone Columns/machine foundation.
  • Finding of Potential Geological /other hazards
  • Detail Project Report.