Traffic Feasibility Study For 6 Laning of NH-2 (219 km.) between Aurangabad – Barwa Adda


Bihar – Jharkhand

SERVICE CATEGORYTraffic Survey SectorHighway Engineering

The project corridor on NH-2, a part of Golden Quadrilateral which is the industrial corridor between Delhi and Kolkata. The Main objective is to give Traffic Survey and Analysis Traffic Safety Consultation, Urban Transport Modeling and Traffic Management plans.

traffic analysis for NH-2 six lane corridor in India

The present project stretch is a part of NH2 between Aurangabad and Barwa Adda with a corridor length of 219 kms.

The stretch starts at Ranikuwa ( Madanpur) under Gaya district, in Bihar and ends at Barwa Adda under Dhanbad District in Jharkhand; keeping 68 km length of total 219 km in the state of Bihar and remaining 151 km length in the state of Jharkhand.

Traffic Study For 6 Laning of NH-2 in Bihar and Jharkhand

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by the firm

  • Review of historical data and documents on traffic volumes, accident statistics,etc.
  • Traffic Survey, Analysis and Projection
  • Various methods employed for traffic survey
  • Identification of homogeneous section
  • Toll Revenue assessment
  • To gather Base Year classified traffic volume & Understanding the pattern of traffic movement
  • Identification of spatial influence of the project stretch & Deriving directional split, Peak Hour Factor and seasonal variation
  • Deriving Growth Factors for Traffic demand forecasting
  • Assessment of capacity based on demand forecasting for future years
  • The requirement of Service Roads, Truck Terminal, Grade separated Junction, Bus bays, Underpass has been assessed
  • Providing traffic inputs for economic and financial analysis as well as BOT Viability
  • Providing inputs for pavement design.