Our Design Practice not only brings together our architecture, landscape architecture and urban design experts in a creative collaboration, but chalk out the entire programme with in-house engineering of structural, Surveying , traffic, process and civil engineers so as to save time and cost.

Our skills include masterplanning, infrastructure design, traffic planning and landscape design of building developments. We have considerable expertise in both new building and refurbishments & restoration, BPC offers technical consultancy support at all stages of a work definition and construction of the high rise residential building, Defence, commercial building, Retail, Health, Hospitality, entertainment and water tank, factory buildings and mixed development etc., Stability analysis, Layout planning & foundation design, retaining structure like water retaining structure sump, etc. We are capable of construction supervision & Third party auditing of civil & structural work.

Design of building structure calls for detail topographical survey, geotechnical investigation, hydrological study and detail design. Preparation of site plan, road connectivity, traffic impact assessment, parking facility and circulation, underground and overhead utilities, drainage system etc are carried out based on the type of project which may be commercial or industrial etc. Thus we Develop and create from start to finish.

We offer a comprehensive consultancy service for all design and engineering aspects of masterplanning.

This includes in-depth surveys and environmental assessment, planning and provision of infrastructure facilities, traffic planning, urban design and landscape development.

  • Master planning.
  • Design feasibility studies.
  • Policy analysis - design and heritage issues.
  • Residential design development.
  • Landscape architecture: concept design through to implementation; domestic and commercial.
  • Land Development Subdivision: industrial; commercial; residential.
  • Town centre improvement projects.
  • Educational Facilities: schools.
  • Healthcare Facilities: medical clinics; hospitals
  • Sport and Recreation: indoor and outdoor specialist and multipurpose event centres.
  • Tourism & Resorts: golf courses; marinas; hotel developments.
  • Visual impact assessment
  • Government & Local Authority: new construction and upgrading of community facilities; land acquisition and sale; public housing

We specialise in the structural and architectural design of buildings and have been responsible fo a number of innovative building projects in India.

We are now overhauling new technology such as BIM to be integrated into the designing , building and operation process of the structures.

For any project to be taken up, we demonstrate future reality and/or existing concepts. With a focus on pragmatic and creative design process, we're committed to exceeding our client's expectations and their initial project aspirations. The viewer can be taken on a drive-through or fly-over of a concept that visually represents the future. This has proven helpful to enumerate the client’s need and related changes before execution of the work.