Our road design solutions are inclusive engineering discipline focused on safety, roadside amenities and traffic behavioral aspects to the life cycle cost consideration of road assets.

3000 km of Rural Road DPR

400 km of Road Safety Audit

1500KM HighwayStrategic Option Study

1500 km of Hill roads

1000 km Feasibility & DPR Study of NH/SH Standard Roads

  • 9.1 Km Sadiyaghat Bridge over Brahmaputra

  • 16 KmKachchi Dargah Over Ganga at Patna

  • 21 KmDhubri Fulbari Bridge over Brahmaputra

  • 15 kmRiver Tunnel under Brahmaputra at Numaligarh/Gophur

Roads and Highways are one of our core strengths. Our involvement in the sector ranges from at national and local administration level, through the planning and design of complex urban roads and rural strategic routes to construction supervision.

BPCIPL provides a comprehensive range of services in the land transportation sector. We assist our clients in the planning, development, maintenance and operation of their infrastructure assets. An integrated approach is taken to the asset life cycle which provides optimisation of existing assets and increased capacity through empowerment, replacement and provision of new facilities. We focus on road, rail for through movement and various feeder system for intra-modal transfer. Our clients in Transportation sector include road and rail authorities, transportation planning agencies and private developers.

As our infrastructure ages and the population increases, innovative solutions are developed to address the future demand. We have our exclusive services such as traffic engineering, Transportation planning and modeling, infrastructure design, road safety and transportation asset management services along with Bridge Engineering.

Our services comprises Designing, Engineering of road/highway, including rehabilitation, up gradation and augmentation of the existing carriageway with construction of new pavement, rehabilitation of existing pavement, widening and design of major and minor bridges, culverts, road intersections, interchanges, drains, toll plaza etc and maintenance.

  • Pre bid engineering Services
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Pavement Engineering
  • Hydraulic and Drainage study
  • Highway Landscape
  • Road Asset Management (RAMs)
  • Master Planning, prioritization for Roads/ Highways
  • Feasibility and Detailed Project Report (DPR)
  • Road Safety consultancy and Audit

Knowledge – Capability – scope of Roads and Highway

Our Projects in Highways, Rural Roads and Urban streets involve a number work components.

  • Undertaking detailed reconnaissance, an overall aerial survey/ photogrametry in case of green corridor/ ribbon development and important findings during the reconnaissance.
  • Reviewing early feasibility/DPR reports; review of pavement designs, GAD of major structures, etc.
  • Review of the available information such as survey data, geotechnical & hydrology reports, traffic data, general arrangement drawings prepared in the DPR/feasibility.
  • Carrying out Inventory and condition surveys for project road, bridges cross drainage structures, and all other structures.
  • Field Investigation including detail geotechnical, existing road asset, pavement crust, Hydrology, Environmental and social impact.
    • Taking test pits to assess the effectiveness of existing pavement.
    • Carrying out material investigations, including identification of borrow areas and quarries, to assess the suitability of materials in road construction and to facilitate design of some of the road elements (e.g. CBR for design of new pavement).
    • Carrying out Topographic Surveys/ Aerial/ Mobile Lidar/ DGPS/ Total station within the ROW.
    • Carrying out BBD surveys
    • Subgrade investigations
  • Establishing Design Standards and Typical Cross-sections (Review of design standards and typical cross-sections given in RFP/feasibility report and comments on its feasibility).
  • Carrying out Preliminary Designs of geometrically deficient stretches.
    • Estimation of design lane loading from VDFs computed.
    • Pavement for new construction and Review of Pavement designs
    • Overlay and rehabilitation measures for existing pavement based on sample deflection data.
    • Rehabilitation/widening/reconstruction of cross drainage and other structures – minor and major bridges etc. Review of GAD’s.
    • Preparation of drawings for new CD structures and other structures – minor and major bridges etc.
  • Preparation of drawings for elevated corridor/ flyovers, underpasses and overpasses.
  • Preparation of drawings for earth retaining structures as per individual site requirement.
  • Pedestrian crossings.
  • Intersections
  • Drainage design.
  • Roadside facilities like truck layby, bus bay, other appurtenances.
  • Design of Traffic Safety features.
  • Design of toll plaza.
  • Optimization and value engineering proposals for faster construction and/or cost reduction.
  • Designs for environmental and social concerns, if any.
  • Land Acquisition Plan and Utilities Relocation Plan.
  • Environment and social report.
  • Preparation of Bills of Quantities (BOQ).


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