With over 15 year's experience , we've helped some of the most milestone Railway projects come to life all over India, thorough a number of deep gorges and steep hill of Himalayan region in the East and North East, Indo gangetic plain at the west & middle and along the rollings of decantrap in the southern peninsula of the subcontinent.


20+Important bridge

13 kmMaximum length of the tunnel.

140 meter Maximum pier height

800 km Total length of Railway track carried out.

The projects like Railways do require not only the expertise in its core but sometimes the continuous endurance through adversities in its virgin rough terrain and troubled periphery of socio political situations.

Amidst all the adversities, BPC India have been discharging its pivotal role to push strongly the look east policy vis a vis the trans asian railway project.

BPC has been also involved in Dedicated Freight Corridors which has potential to alter India's logistics landscape and provide a robust platform to build multiple scalable Greenfield cities and enhance planned urbanization and boosting of industrialisation along the corridor of EAST-WEST & North-South corridor of DFC.


We have been involved in selection of alignment, corridor design, construction supervision

Feasibility- Assistance with the strategic decision of whether to progress an idea or not.

Detailed Design drawings and documentation that could be built from and/or construction support.

Design review function for track, ROB, RUB, signals and design components, level crossing evaluations.

Indicative cost-estimating of schemes to support funding applications which can support quantity surveyors as the design develops.

Detail cost estimation and BOQ.

  • Geotechnical and environmental services
  • Land and statutory planning
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Rail systems engineering
  • Rail standards development
  • Design of Tunnel and Bridges
  • Rail asset condition assessment and management
  • Slope stability and drainage plan
  • Landslide hazard zonation mapping

Our rail team works to plan, design, build and manage

  • Railway infrastructure with cost competitive technical solution in the region to improve the long-term well-being of the society.
  • Rail systems design
  • Review and check design solutions of railway tracks from a maintainability and accessibility perspective.
  • BIM / Project Previsualisation Solutions for Railways
  • Project Monitoring Solutions / Drones for Railways
  • Railway Track Engineering of new railway track or doubling work
  • Geo Technical / Geo Spatial Solutions for railways
  • Planning of approach road for construction, accessibility to Rail station and Last Mile Connectivity Solution.

Special feature/highlighted service for Railway Projects

  • Geological understanding and determination of factors in compliance with a new railway alignment
  • Satellite image: Thematic maps depicting geological units, geomorphologic maps depicting of tectonic in planning, design and construction of tunnels, bridges and railway formation
  • Geophysical studies: refraction/ Reflection / AEM etc.
  • Exploratory Geotechnical
  • Tunnel Geology
  • Detailed scheme for Slope protection, Slope stabilization and recommending for providing remedial measure i.e. slope correction/retaining wall/ geogrid/ turf/ nailing/REwall etc.
  • Developing comprehensive drainage plan along the proposed alignment with special attention to critical locations of deep cuttings, tunnel approaches, hill-slopes, embankments, bridges, river training etc, design and layout arrangement drawings of drains showing gradients, outfalls, collection chambers, protection arrangements etc.
  • Developing comprehensive geotechnical stability plan of the railway formation from the analysis of the slope-stability at critical locations of high banks/ deep cuttings, hill slopes, tunnel faces etc.


  • Rail Vikas Nigam Limited

  • Indian Port Rail Corporation Ltd.


  • NF Railway

  • SW Railway

  • Eastern Railway

  • EC Railway

  • SC Railway

  • Western Railway

  • NW Railway

  • DFCC