Axle load surveys provide invaluable and essential information that are required for cost effective pavement design and preservation of the existing roads.

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Every moving wheel induces dynamic deflections which alternately causes tensile and compressive stresses in the road structure. The damage that vehicles do to a road structure depends greatly on the magnitude of the axle loads.

The success of an axle-load survey and the ease with which it can be carried out will depend very largely on the choice of site. The site must be selected to make it possible to sample the traffic easily and safely.

Axle pad was used to ascertain the load of the axles. Roadside selection method was adopted for the survey. The vehicles were stopped on a random sample basis with the help of Police and loads on the each axle of the vehicle have been measured to estimate the loading pattern of the vehicles on the project road.

Measurement of axle loads for pavement design using a portable weighbridge

It is important to ensure that:

  • The correct road section is surveyed
  • Traffic in both directions can be surveyed
  • The traffic safety aspects have been considered
  • There are no access to easy detours to avoid the survey site
  • The local police are informed of the survey location and duration.

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