AT BPC INDIA, we offer drone lidar survey and mapping that assures quick data collection, low-cost aerial lidar survey, and top-notch positional accuracy through secured drone operations.

1000 KMFeasibility Study of NH Standard Roads

39 LocationsSlope Stability Analysis (70km Span)

500 KmFinal Location Survey of New BG Line.

5+ ProjectsUrban Development Projects

We furnish advanced Photogrammetry Survey in India with the use of advanced drones. The aim of our UAV/drone survey and mapping is to simplify the workflow. At the same time, it streamlines the process by providing high-resolution aerial maps in a quicker time.

We are equipped with a powerful drone solution, which simplifies the workflow and streamlines the process of high-resolution aerial mapping within a fraction of time. For surveyors and GIS professionals, our aerial mapping survey in India brings immense potential. Time and cost of data capturing will get reduced drastically with the use of your drone technology. The biggest benefit is that UAV mapping drones can reach areas that are not easily accessible by humans. It can access hilly and remote regions easily and captures data accurately. It reduces the workload of the specialists working for site surveys. Our small Unmanned Aerial Systems increase the accuracy in mapping and improve our expertise in point cloud processing tools.

  • Land Survey / Management For cadastre, the land department now accepts and approves data collected by drone

  • Urban PlanningWe deploy drone derived digital surface and terrain models for urban planning

  • Geological MappingAccurate terrain data collection has been done for preparing the contour.

  • Slope Stability AnalysisThrough slope stability analysis, we try to figure out the failure location

  • Highway / Railway DesignWe perform corridor mapping for planning and designing railway and highway

  • Inventory & Asset ManagementAssessment of the condition of the road asset has been done through drone lidar mapping

Aerial Mapping & LiDAR Survey

Drone Survey in India by BPC INDIA features accurate topographic surveys. Our drone lidar mapping is more accurate than data collected through the traditional LiDAR mapping and survey methods.

  • Mapping greenfield projects
  • Mapping forests and green zones
  • Planning highway corridors
  • Designing smart cities
  • Volumetric and stockpile calculations
  • Monitoring construction progress
  • Determining land slope stability for airports, dams, and tunnels
  • Inspecting power transmission and distribution networks
  • Inspecting solar & wind farms
  • Inspecting manufacturing plants, power plants, and factories

Our Infrastructure

Govern the skies with the state of the art UAVs and sensors to attain your goals.

BPC INDIA offers top-notch survey solutions, best-in-class customer service, and custom drone program development. Our clients can customize the set of features and add inspection tools as well as integrate systems. For meeting your business requirements, our priority customer support is there.

R&D Center for Instrumentation

LiDAR Data Processing Center


More infrastructure



Bridge and Flyover




  • Steel Pant
  • Power & Energy
  • Smart City
  • Industrial Park
  • Forest & Environment
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Defence
  • Oil & Gas
  • Port & Harbour


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