Geotechnical Investigation Soil Exploration Service

Geotechnical investigation develops the strongest foundation for infrastructure projects. BPC INDIA, a leading geotechnical investigation company, builds that foundation for the future progress of our country.

1000+ KM Railway projects

5 Top Bridges Length more than 10 km each

20+Earthen Dam Project

25+Oil and Gas Project

40 TUNNELS & 20 DEEP CUTStability design

5 special Tall bridgesPier height more than 100m

BPC India providing the best geotechnical investigation services in India is able to provide full scale service for in-house foundation engineering and ground improvement projects including their scoping, planning, site investigation, design & construction supervision and forensic work.

Our geotechnical engineering consultant are forefront in offering Geotechnical Field Assessment in Ground Improvement works, Recommendation of foundation, Geotechnical investigation and data analysis, Slope Stability Analysis by Numerical Methods (FD, FEM), and Liquefaction Analysis.

Our geotech team works on complex foundation problems, underground construction, ground improvement, geo-environmental engineering, off shore and on shore problems of soil mechanics and rock mechanics, complex stability and landslide mitigation.

Our underground/above-ground space study and overall geotechnical investigations will guide you to make investment decisions.

Drilling & Sampling

  • Soil Boring
  • Core Drilling
  • Standard Penetration Test
  • Dynamic Cone Penetration Test
  • Cone Penetration Test
  • Hydrogeological Survey
  • UDS
  • Trial Pits
  • SBC-Safe Bearing Capacity
  • Percussive Drilling

Specialised Field Testing

  • Borehole Televiewer
  • Hydraulic Fracturing – Hydro Fracture Test
  • Electric Resistivity Test / Soil Resistivity Test
  • Block Vibration Test
  • Pressure Meter Test / Dilatometer Test
  • Vane Shear Test
  • Field CBR Test
  • Field Permeability Test

Tunnelling Investigation

  • Deep Drilling
  • RMR, RQD Calculation
  • Specialised Lab Testing
  • Hydro Fracture Test
  • Borehole Televiewer Studies
  • Geological Mapping
  • Dilatometer / Pressure Meter Test
  • Piezometer Installation

BPC INDIA, a leading geotechnical consultant company in India, has core strength of the comprehensive and optimal geotechnical solution in varied and challenging site conditions. Our Geotechnical investigation and testing company in India achieves it by using a truly integrated approach with clients to identify project requirements and undertake complex geotechnical studies. The Core capabilities of our team are engineering geology, geotechnical engineering and soil investigation and data analysis.

We also provide Numerical Analysis in 2D and 3D for design optimization of the different foundation for infrastructure projects like Tunnels, Major Bridges, High embankments, Buildings, Steel plants, electrical / Solar power plants, Earthen Dams, Hydropower project, towers and Foundations for heavy load-bearing structures in different large waterways and Hilly terrain.

geotechnical soil sample core-box
  • Design of BridgesFoundation type and Depth Recommendation

  • Design of TunnelRMR and Q value calculation

  • Design of Machine FoundationMitigation of Foundation Distress

  • Structural Design of BuildingsBring out the safe bearing load

  • Design of Retaining StructuresRecommendation of Ground improvement technique

Our core capabilities with the geotechnical study

  • Geological Appraisal of Project Site
  • Geotechnical Soil/Structure Analysis
  • Static and Dynamic cone penetration test
  • Pressure meter test
  • Static and Cyclic Plate Load test
  • Full Scale Pump Out test
  • Field Investigation and Field Permeability (Single Packer /Double Packer) and Percolation test
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Block Vibration test
  • Test pits and drill holes for Subsoil Investigation to obtain samples and profile
  • Ground conditions with a compilation of the site map

Extensive laboratory testing of material samples recovered from the investigations, often with all investigation locations surveyed.

We understand that a construction project can be at a high risk without the pre-assessment of soil conditions. With a high understanding of potential threats of the ground, our geotechnical engineers will save you cost and time. Moreover, our soil investigation company in Guwahati has engaged land specialists to detect contaminated soil of the chosen site.

Our geotechnical knowhow underpins our work on different projects for highways, tunnels, rails, mining, steel plants, dams, solar power plants, and other load-bearing structures in mountainous areas and waterways.

Some of our capabilities in foundation engineering and ground improvement includes:
  • Soil Structure interaction
  • Soil investigation and testing
  • Deep and shallow foundation design
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Constructability
  • Geogrid and geofabrics
  • Construction supervision
  • Subsurface Exploration

Geotechnical Investigation ModernizedInfrastructure

Due to the ever-changing trends of the industry, we always try to equip ourselves with the most innovative Geotechnical instruments. With our percussion drilling winches, light-duty geo machines, and cone penetration testing system (dynamic and static), we can undertake any project on land and underwater.

Our team takes the best step to preserve samples when we are somewhere away from our lab. We have also set up an in-house workshop where we maintain and customize conventional techniques based on the geological condition.

Besides, we have invested in high-end transport systems to carry our equipment to the project site. Our team at BPC India is best at selecting the right tools for projects in hill slopes, valleys, plains, and underground zones.

For boring and drilling activities, our drillers track every lithological variation while using the drilling systems. They team up with qualified geologists to manage these drilling operations. Moreover, our Geotechnical Investigation Agency in Kolkata has added strength to its infrastructure with-

  • Medium / Heavy-duty percussion drilling winches.
  • Heavy-duty rotary diamond core drill machine.
  • Light duty geo machine.
  • Manual winches with tripod.
  • Dynamic cone penetration test machine.
  • Static cone penetration machine.
  • Pressuremeter test machine.
  • Field vane shear test machine.
  • Field CBR ( California Bearing Ratio) test machine.
  • Block vibration test machine.
  • Rapid moisture meter machine.
  • In Situ density core cutter machine.
  • Standard Penetration Test machine.
  • Field permeability single and double packer machine.
  • Water level indicator machine.
More infrastructure

Geotechnical study - It's Applications

BPC India is a leading company providing foundation design, infrastructure geotechnics and ground analysis services for bridges, tunnel, river, dam, and residential and commercial structure.

Bridges & Highway infrastructure

Railway infrastructure

Tunnel and Hill slope stabilization

Dam Irrigation

Hydropower Projects

Metro project

Commercial and Residential building

  • Thermal Power Project
  • Rehabilitation of Old Masonry and Concrete Dams Project
  • Solar Power Project
  • Refineries and Petrochemical projects
  • Ground Improvement projects
  • Foundation Testing
  • Design of Earth retaining structures
  • Steel plant.

Our client base

BPC India has a credible track record of working with more than 100 commercial bodies and administrative authorities. We take pride in our capabilities of going beyond our clients’ anticipations in every small and big project.





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  • NF Railway

  • DRDO

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