Ground Utility Survey helps in critical transport infrastructures such as roads, highway pavements and airport runways, bridges and tunnels. It is also used for the detection of underground cavities and voids, as well as for the inspection of buildings.

GPR’s ability to provide high resolution subsurface geological structure leads to widespread geotechnical uses of GPR .

We have grown our in-house team for conducting ground utility survey by Ground penetrating radar,a geophysical technology which is generally used for subsurface soil exploration to determine the presence of underground utilities,void and cracks in soil, water layer, rock condition and position etc.

Ground Penetrating Radar works by emitting a pulse into the ground and recording the echoes that result from subsurface objects. GPR is an effective tool for utility sensing, for example it can be used to map Gas, water, sewage, electricity, telephone and cable utilities. It can be used to perform detailed inspection of reinforced concrete and to locate steel reinforcing bars and pre/post-tensioned stressing ducts. Quality control of precast concrete structures, such as bridge deck beams, can be carried out. Zones of deterioration and delamination on bridge decks can be mapped; an analysis of geological structures can be made with GPR, for the mapping of soil, rock or fill layers in geotechnical investigations and for foundation design

Smart system for safe and optimal soil investigation in urban areas.

  • Geophysical surveys for detection of Faults, Sinkholes and Bedrock Depth.
  • GPR’s sensitivity to soil water content and geologic structure make it a natural method for hydrogeology investigations
  • Locate conduits, post-tension cables, and rebar/reinforcing wire mesh Detect current carrying cables.
  • Innovative Solutions for Pavement, Bridge & Concrete Inspection Challenges.
  • Locate conduits, post-tension cables, and rebar/reinforcing wire mesh, detect current carrying cables.
  • Detect and Map of Metallic or Plastic Utilities , Conduits & Voids, Gas Lines and Power Cables.

Our Infrastructure

It's a portable device that provides a fast, non-invasive method to gain accurate insights of objects below the surface, acquire geo-reference data, create depth slices on-site and wirelessly export all information in formatted reports; span the depths and resolutions required for subsurface investigations by choosing the combination of center frequency and configuration best suited to the terrain.

More infrastructure


Bridges & Highway infrastructure

Railway infrastructure

Commercial and Residential building

Metro project

  • Thermal power project
  • Solar power project
  • Refineries and petrochemical projects
  • Ground Improvement projects
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