BPC India is one of the pioneering Mobile LiDAR Survey Mapping companies in India with 17 years of Experience. Our company aims to provide seamless LiDAR Mapping solutions in challenging scenarios.

1000 KMFeasibility Study of NH Standard Roads

39 LocationsSlope Stability Analysis (70km Span)

500 KmFinal Location Survey of New BG Line.

5+ ProjectsUrban Development Projects

At BPC India, we have adopted a proficient approach to understand the requirements of our clients, and thus we commit satisfactory LiDAR Survey Mapping Solutions to them from Kolkata, Guwahati & Jaipur office.

We have a dedicated LiDAR vertical Department that possesses core competence in numerical analytics, 3D and 2D modeling, design optimization, Lidar technology in Mobile, etc.

As a leading mobile LiDAR survey agency in India, we have the experience to deal with different kinds of projects. Our portfolio includes infrastructure projects like steel plants, tunnels, buildings, high embankments, solar power plants, hydropower projects, earthen dams, towers, foundations, etc.

Our Mobile LiDAR Mapping System

Being a proficient LiDAR mapping company, BPC India has developed a tried and tested system that assures top-notch accuracy in LiDAR mapping process. We have successfully completed more than 1000 chainage Kms of highway surveys throughout India using 3D Mobile LiDAR & NSV.

We deploy advanced GNSS receivers, laser systems, DMI, IMU, and AI software to ensure proper planning and accuracy for satisfying the engineering requirements with perfection. Not only ensuring top-notch accuracy in surveying for engineering projects, but our system also assures cost-effectiveness in the market.

Making the overall process cost-effective helps the Infrastructure engineering companies to lower down the project cost. Some of the highlighting features of our mobile LiDAR system have been discussed below.

  • The system comes with a 1.2 million measurement rate per second.
  • It can deliver 360-degree unobstructed field views
  • It can integrate and control multiple cameras
  • The system assures engineering grades with perfection

3D Mobile LiDAR Mapping Services

LiDAR or Light Detection and Ranging is a well-recognized technology for collecting and processing terrain data. The system assures cost-effective terrain data collection.

At the same time, it has been regarded as highly accurate. BPC India offers mobile lidar scanning in plains and remote hilly regions. Our 3D LiDAR Mapping and Scanning system comes with the following features.

  • Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM)
  • Mobile LiDAR is a process by which the LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging ) Machine is mounted on a movable vehicle which also consists of a navigation sensor ( DGPS ) and imaging sensor.
  • This combined system provides georeferenced 3D point cloud data, digital maps, images and videos with an overall accuracy of about +/- 2 cm.
  • Mobile LiDAR is an advanced mapping solution that incorporates the most advanced LiDAR sensors, cameras and position/navigation/DGPS receivers to collect survey grade 3D point cloud data quickly and accurately which can further be used for land mapping, cartography, exploration, construction work, spatial planning and forest management etc.

Our Infrastructure

Our advanced in-house developed lidar system comes with top-quality LiDAR Scanner, Machine Vision cameras, navigation systems, DGPS receivers, etc. Mobile lidar data processing gives the outputs like digital maps, 3D point cloud data, videos, images, etc. Our 3D LiDAR system comes with multiple camera integration provision and synchronized sensors for collecting accurate data on plains and hilly areas.

Integrated GNSS System

LiDAR Data Processing Center


More infrastructure



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