BPC INDIA provides a wide range of Structural and functional prediction of pavement condition soil mechanics and Rock mechanics, life cycle analysis, design, implementation services for roads, airports, ports, other transportation facilities and state-of-the-art solutions with exceptional results.

1500kmPavement Rehabilitation Project .

3000kmPMGSY Projects.

1500kmDevelopment of National Highway Projects.

The life of a pavement has a correlation with both the structural condition and functional condition.

BPC INDIA explores how in road sector; implement a pavement maintenance management program, including inspecting and tracking pavement condition, scheduling maintenance, and treating distresses in asphalt and concrete pavements. Condition data can include factors like roughness, specific distresses, rut depth, friction, and structural health.

Once measurements of road condition are available, they are interpreted in such a way that allows the decision making process to occur. This might involve converting multiple physical parameters into a single index, allowing different sections of a road network to be directly compared against one another.

  • Urban Development Project Verify City Street Network condition.

  • Rural Roads Upgradation Pavement Condition Index (PCI) Calculation .

  • Industrial RoadsPavement Maintenance/Preservation Methods.

  • Highway DPR ProjectsPavement Final Report and Analysis .

Implementation of PMS for maintenance and rehabilitation of road surfaces

Providing functional and structural data at highway speeds and optimal maintenance and rehabilitation strategy. Methods of measuring pavement deterioration have primarily focused on surface condition. Following information pavement surface condition is collected, including:

  • Cracking.
  • Roughness (IRI).
  • Texture.
  • Rutting.
  • Continuous pavement deflection.
  • Geometry (slope, crossfall, gradients).
  • Spatial location (GLONASS GPS).
  • Asset inventory imaging.
  • pavement fatigue can be estimated.
  • Overall condition of pavement.
  • Deterioration
  • Poor drainage conditions.

Our Infrastructure

Pavement Condition survey can be done in a variety of ways. Specialized automated equipment is generally used for large networks, but assessments can also be made manually. Now we are developing own Automated Network Survey System for road condition assessment. Automated devices are typically vehicle mounted, and use cameras, lasers, or other methods to assess a roadway profile.

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