Our Pile integrity test method includes, non-destructive testing of deep foundation , Driven piles, Augered or Bored Piles, and Structural Integrity.

Our Pile integrity test report analysis focuses on Sonic Testing, Pulse Echo, Transit Response, Low Strain Impact Integrity Tests, for quality assurance of the new pile construction or existing pile.

The Pile integrity graph analysis determines any major cracks and voids prior to construction of the superstructure. The Procedure for pile integrity test is applicable to driven concrete piles and cast-in-place piles. The PIT performs wave equation-based NDT tests.

  • FOUNDATION CONSTRUCTION: Quality assurance in the new construction.

  • Pile Foundation : NDT test Evaluation of Pile Length.

Low strain integrity testing

  • Test involves generating stress waves at the pile head and recording the response of the reflected waves.
  • Analysis of the recorded data can provide crucial information regarding the integrity of existing piles.
  • The test is done in accordance with the provisions laid out in ASTM D5882 & IS: 14893: 2001 guidelines.

Ultrasonic Drilling Monitoring


Bridges & Highway infrastructure

Railway infrastructure

Commercial and Residential building

Metro project

  • Thermal power project
  • Solar power project
  • Refineries and petrochemical projects
  • Ground Improvement projects
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