BPC is equipped with both the fifth wheel based bump integrator and most recent pavement profile scanner which not only evaluates the road roughness but a comprehensive mapping of all pavement deterioration such as scracking, rutting, potholes , and pavement texture.

1500kmUpgradation of National Highway Projects.

1500kmPavement Rehabilitation Project.

3000kmPMGSY Maintenance Projects.

Our Road Information System unites more than a decade of experience for data acquisition and tools for interpreting the data to meet the needs and schedules of modern projects.

Roughness/ Rutting measurement by using laser profilometer, pavement condition assessment using image processing software, high resolution videography through use of drones etc.

The 3D Pavement Surface LiDAR System specifically developed for Road Condition Assessment completely independent from limitations regarding the speed of the mobile survey platform while offering utmost measuring accuracy in the sub-mm range. The system can detect the smallest irregularities of the pavement surface and comes with a software solution to generate images and to provide full 3D road surface models.

  • Urban Development Project Verify City Street Network condition .

  • Rural Roads UpgradationPavement Condition Index (PCI) Calculation.

  • Industrial RoadsPavement Maintenance/Preservation Methods.

  • Highway DPR Projects Pavement Final Report and Analysis.


Determining a reliable remaining life of a pavement requires assessment of both the structural and functional condition. Methods of measuring pavement deterioration have primarily focused on surface condition.

  • Roughness (IRI) Calculation.
  • Continuous pavement deflection profiles.
  • Pavement fatigue can be estimated.
  • Pinpoint areas where the pavement structure may be subject to failure, providing an additional dimension for pavement evaluation.
  • Overall condition of pavement.
  • Deterioration.

Our Infrastructure

We have integrated road surface and sub-surface condition assessment system, providing functional and structural data at highway speeds.

  • Medium / Heavy-duty percussion drilling winches.
  • Heavy-duty rotary diamond core drill machine.
  • Light duty geo machine.
  • Manual winches with tripod.
  • Dynamic cone penetration test machine.
  • Static cone penetration machine.
  • Pressuremeter test machine.
  • Field vane shear test machine.
  • Field CBR ( California Bearing Ratio) test machine.
  • Block vibration test machine.
  • Rapid moisture meter machine.
  • In Situ density core cutter machine.
  • Standard Penetration Test machine.
  • Field permeability single and double packer machine.
  • Water level indicator machine.
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