Road and Structure inspections are done with advanced inspection technique and Engineering judgement by visual means.

1500km National Highway DPR PRojects.

3000kmRural Road Network Prioritization Projects.

1500kmExisting Road Condition Assessment Project.

Being equipped with Road, Bridges and Culverts inspection equipment, we ensure a precise and systematic testing to detect structural and functional deficiencies.

This is a comprehensive survey which can be used to study the profile of the roads in the area of study features like road/Pavement widths, road pavement types, street lighting, luminosity, drain types, encroachments, presence of vendors/street furniture, bus stops, Bridge, Culvert etc. can be studied and detailed resulting in the most accurate and detailed profiling of the existing conditions.

Spatial inventory data is recorded with a specialized camera with GPS information of roads, collected data is imported into the software to fit the location with existing GIS information to see the recorded data matching with the recorded video information to collect the inventory information from the video.

Highway / Road Infrastructure Marketing :

  • We provide different levels of detail depending on purpose and project requirement recording the existing physical information along with the condition of Bridges and other Cross drainage structures.
  • We execute with ROMDAS Road & Pavement condition survey equipment for Road Condition, Road Roughness & Benkelman Beam Deflection Test (BBD) etc.
  • By taking a proactive role in testing we check and cross-check all the probabilities of structural failure to improve safety and thereby provide prelim recommendations regarding reconstruction or repairing that allow our clients to make decisions in optimization of cost and finding feasible alternatives.
  • We also perform field tests such as NDT test, Seismic Refraction test to enumerate the strain dependent dynamic properties and their estimates and ranges of the variations.

Roads and Highway

Repair Strategy , Maintenance or Rehabilitation, Reconstruction

Our Infrastructure

  • Medium / Heavy-duty percussion drilling winches.
  • Heavy-duty rotary diamond core drill machine.
  • Light duty geo machine.
  • Manual winches with tripod.
  • Dynamic cone penetration test machine.
  • Static cone penetration machine.
  • Pressuremeter test machine.
  • Field vane shear test machine.
  • Field CBR ( California Bearing Ratio) test machine.
  • Block vibration test machine.
  • Rapid moisture meter machine.
  • In Situ density core cutter machine.
  • Standard Penetration Test machine.
  • Field permeability single and double packer machine.
  • Water level indicator machine.

R&D Center for Instrumentation

LiDAR Data Processing Center


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