Our Slope stability analysis by finite elements are best for rock / Soil slope, Geotechnics, Reinforced Earth wall, and Stability design in 2D / 3D platform. Moreover, we help our clients with supervision, LHZ mapping and landslide remediation services for private clients and public agencies.

1000 KM Slope Stability Assessment of National Highway.

300 kmLandslide Evaluation and Remediation of Railway Line by Aerial Mapping.

9 ProjectsCliff stability studies of New Railway Alignment .

25 NumberPortal stability Report of Tunnels.

We make Wedge Stability Analysis, slope stability analysis using GeoStudio, RE wall solutions, Retaining structure; soil nailing for landslides, land slips, slumps and debris flows.

Our technologists from the geotechnical wing have handsome experience in handling slope stability analysis using plaxis for all types of terrain.

As landslides are a major problem in hilly terrain with severe rainfall, slope stability analysis is a basic requirement for construction or extension of railway and roadway. Our skilled team collects inventory data from site which includes soil properties as well as site conditions like angle at which the ground soil resides at slope. Moreover, our slope stability analysis by strength reduction checks out the safety of a slope for embankments, roads and railways earthworks.

Our slope stability analysis of soil and rock are involved in concept planning, engineering design and construction management . Our aim is to recommend remedial solution of geogrid, geosynthetic, ground anchor or soil nailing, bored pile walls, diaphragm wall, sheet piling, rock revetment and best and economic use of conventional and various market ready products.

  • PERMITTING SUPPORTFor potentially unstable slopes before starting excavation.

  • SLOPE INSTABILITY EVALUATIONSAnalytical techniques to assess their status of stability.

  • LANDSLIDE MITIGATIONNature of instability of hill slopes.

  • EARTH RETENTION SYSTEMS DESIGNto understand time dependent deformation behaviour of the slope.

  • SOIL STABILIZATIONHigh Embankment and Deep Cutting.

Soil & Rock Consultants carry out analysis

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of slope stability.
  • Quantitative analysis involves the use of specialised computer software like Phase 2D / 3D, 3dec, Dips, Plaxis, Slide, Geo Slope.
  • Computer based modelling of remedial measures to decrease or mitigate the risk of instability.
  • Providing detailed design recommendations for remedial works.
  • Geotechnical design of stabilising structures.
  • Seepage Analysis.
  • Wedge Stability Analysis.
  • Application at various field may include subsurface drainage River Training, Flood Mitigation, River Bank Protection, Slope Protection, Erosion Control, Embankment Protection & Development,, Soil Stabilization, Scour Protection, Road & Pavement Strengthening, Landslide Prevention & Repairing etc.


Bridges & Highway Infrastructure

Railway Infrastructure

Tunnel Projects

Hydropower Projects

Power Plants Projects

Dam Projects

Commercial and Residential building project

Metro project

  • Refineries, and petrochemical projects
  • Ground Improvement projects
  • Design of Earth retaining structures




  • NHAI




  • NF Railway

  • DRDO

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