BPC INDIA provides laboratory testing of soil, rock, and construction materials for site characterization, geotechnical design, quality control, and performance assessment purposes.

100 + ProjectsInfrastructure Projects for Highway and Railway

Certified/NABL LabComplete Solution of Soil Testings Analysis

10 Projects Important Major Bridges on Ganga, Bramhaputra, Mahanadi and Dawki.

25+Oil and Gas Projects

The output from laboratory tests is individually reviewed by the Senior Geotechnical engineering department.

We offer a wide selection of soil test equipment that meets Indian Standard and ASTM test standards governing a range of tests. Typical tests are performed to determine grain size analysis, moisture content, and characteristics at varying moisture contents (Atterberg Limits). Other tests such as triaxial, unconfined compressive strength, permeability, compaction, and density (Proctor) and direct shear testing are also frequently run. Test results are used in selecting the right foundations and paving materials indicated for constructing roads, bridges, and other infrastructures.

  • Bridge DesignSoil testing, Soil modeling and Numerical analysis

  • Dam EngineeringSlope stability including progressive failure

  • Highway EngineeringAnalytical methods in design of Pavement subgrades

  • Water SupplyGeo-environmental engineering

  • Railway Engineering Geotechnical foundation design, near surface modeling

  • Tunnel Engineeringsoil and rock classification profile along tunnelling route

Certified/NABL Accredited Testing facilities

Comprehensive Soil testing at Laboratory & site to determine mechanical properties and to justify the ability to support your structure. Our energetic team is equipped with modern soil testing instruments & accredited laboratory, we conduct physical, mechanical, and chemical properties testing on soil both at our laboratory and in-situ conditions as per project requirement.

  • Intact samples are stored in the proper position in the laboratory and extracted from the sampler using a customized manufactured extruder.
  • Physical properties like Bulk density, Dry Density, Relative Density, Specific gravity of soil solids, Particle size distribution( Grain size analysis), Moisture content(Water Content), Consistency limits-Plastic limit, liquid limit, and shrinkage limits, swelling and shrinkage parameters, etc.
  • Strength parameters like Direct shear test, Vane Shear test, Unconfined Compressive strength, triaxial test, and Consolidation testing.
  • In-situ testing like Permeability, Packer Test, Dynamic cone Penetration test (DCPT), Plate load test (PLT), Cyclic plate load test (CPLT), Static cone penetration test (SCPT), Borehole Pressuremeter test, Standard penetration test (SPT), Field CBR, FDD, in-situ moisture content test, Field Vane Shear Test.


  • Water Content
  • Specific Gravity
  • Grain Size Analysis (Dry/Wet Sieve Analysis)
  • Grain Size Analysis (Hydrometer Method)
  • Liquid Limit
  • Plastic Limit
  • Shrinkage Factors
  • Free Swell Index
  • Swelling Pressure
  • Light Compaction (Dry Density)
  • Light Compaction (Moisture Content)
  • Heavy Compaction (Dry Density)
  • Heavy Compaction (Moisture Content)
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS)
  • Triaxial Compression test Cohesion C
  • Direct Shear (Cohesion Intercept C)
  • Relative Density
  • Consolidation Test (initial Void Ratio, e0 )
  • CBR
  • Falling head Permeability
  • Constant Head Permeability
  • Laboratory Vane Shear Test
  • Direct Shear (Angle of shearing Resistance Phi)
  • Triaxial Compression test (Angle of shear plane) Phi
  • Consolidation Test (coefficient of consolidation)
  • Consolidation Test (coefficient of compressibility)

Advanced Testing Instruments

Through our in-house laboratory testing and other specialist laboratories, we are able to provide a fast, reliable, and comprehensive range of laboratory testing and reporting services.

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  • Foundation Testing
  • Design of Earth retaining structures
  • Rehabilitation of old masonry and concrete dams project






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  • We appreciated the flexibility and availability of BPC INDIA to organize quickly the sample collection from the site and the delivery of the test results. The services provided met our expectations as the Soil testing Agency.

  • BPC INDIA's pragmatic and professional approach and consistent delivery of positive outcomes makes them better soil testing laboratories in west Bengal.

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