Evaluating Subgrade / Embankment Properties and quality control tests of construction material for Road construction by Non destructive Testing.

3000km Rural Road upgradation Project.

200kmQuality Control and Supervision Project.

50+ DPR projects of NH/SH.

We offer a wide range of routine materials testing services for aggregates, concrete, bitumen, soils and asphalts, as well as services such as geotechnical field testing and instrumentation for project investigations, construction quality assurance and long-term performance monitoring.

Highway construction is generally preceded by material quality check and subgrade preparation. The methods and technology for constructing highways has evolved over time and become increasingly sophisticated. This advancement in technology has raised the level of skill sets required to manage highway construction projects. This skill varies from project to project, depending on factors such as the project's complexity and nature, the contrasts between new construction and reconstruction, and differences between urban region and rural region projects.

  • Road Construction Subgrade and pavement material testing.

  • Building Construction Filling soil and aggregate material testing

  • Supervision ProjectQuality check of soil and construction material during construction.

  • Rehabilitation Project Checking of existing subgrade and pavement quality.

Subgrade in road construction

Our full fledged laboratory providing geotechnical services for a variety of clients who can benefit from our long term involvement in the Civil Engineering testing industry. Taking trial pits with an excavator, recording the test pit details, collection of subgrade material, borrow area material and laboratory testing for Soil Classification, Atterberg Limits, OMC, MDD and CBR tests for highway project.

  • Grain size analysis (Sieve as well as hydrometer).
  • Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit Tests.
  • Natural Moisture Content.
  • Specific Gravity.
  • Shrinkage Limit.
  • Modified Proctor Compaction Test.
  • Free Swell Index Test.
  • Swelling Pressure Test.
  • Permeability Test.
  • Resistance to fragmentation by the Los Angeles test method.
  • Aggregate abrasion value.
  • Optimum moisture content maximum dry density relationship.
  • Constituent materials in recycled aggregate and recycled concrete aggregate.
  • Stripping value.

Our Infrastructure

Our labs have established internal quality control systems that meet NABL criteria. We continue to provide internal training and certification of our technician staff through ISO certification programs.


Road Construction

Building Construction

Supervision Project

Rehabilitation Project

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