BPC INDIA supports the development of Smart Traffic Management System through Vehicle Classification and Counting Techniques and processed in real-time.

10+ Urban Development Project

5+Diversion Planning Model

5+ Intelligent Transport system Design

2+Non Motorized Vehicle Management

We are very much experienced in providing solutions at smart and effective traffic management, Continually improving strategic road and highway networks, ports and harbors, rail and associated public assets to minimize traffic congestion ensuring speed and safety.

Traffic Management Systems, Congestion detection, Route suggestion, Traffic efficiency are essential elements in increasing the efficiency and safety of transport networks and operations.

Traffic management plays an important role in city planning and regulating the density of vehicles on the road. For effective traffic management, vehicle classification and vehicle counting are the key modules that serve as a base for almost all the use cases built for traffic analysis. it is imperative to eliminate or at least reduce traffic congestion through the adoption of the policy of ITS (intelligent transport systems).

  • Traffic Safety ModuleReduce the traffic accidents

  • Traffic Optimization ModuleVideo based real time monitoring

  • Traffic Information Collection moduleMultipurpose Traffic Statistics Data Collection

  • Active Traffic ManagementRegulating traffic system to reduce congestion and improve safety

Design and implementation of road traffic management system

When it comes to effective traffic management, here are typical use cases that need to be addressed:

  • A traffic management application should be able to count the number of vehicles that enter and exit a particular area or present within a specified region of interest.
  • Vehicle flow management and congestion avoidance on the road can be done by applying fluid mechanics principles using the flow volume and flow velocity for a different class of vehicles.
  • Diversion planning can be done at peak hours on a daily, monthly or yearly event basis.
  • Accidents can be avoided and a systematic, safer, and smarter transit can be achieved by monitoring the driving behavior through video surveillance. The solution can also be then linked with systems from government agencies.
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