We have core expertise of road safety in the development period and maintenance period.

6 laning of NH-6(Dankuni to Kharagpur)

4 Laning of NH-60 (Jaleswar – Baleshwar)

6 lanning of NH-2 (Panagarh to Barwaadda)

We take up safety audit during construction to enumerate corrective action required, review accident black spot, assessment of potential safety hazard and adequacy and appropriateness of safety appurtenances and their placement.

We have very sound expertise in providing different levels of detailed safety services such as providing recommendations by observing the existing physical information along with the condition of all the elements in the project's influence area including utility survey.

In case of road infrastructure safety a road consists of links, junctions, terminals and parking spaces that have a turn in defining safety. The physical characteristics that influence safety include its current geometrics and pavement structure, traffic controls (signs, signals, road markings, and parking restrictions),sidewalks, shoulders, adjacent land use, service provision (for example, gas, water, electricity, telephones) and the intensity of non-traffic activities which encroach upon road space (for example, hawkers, builder's materials, market stalls etc). All those parameters are sharply observed at site by our experts to provide recommendations.

Different types of mitigation measures to address Safety during Construction

The major shortfalls or deficiencies in which Corrective Actions is Required (CAR) are grouped under the different heads like:

  • Improper Inadequate and absence Delineators / Crash Barrier
  • Safety barrier at construction site of structures/ Culverts
  • Unprotected Roadside facilities
  • Improper Diversion Arrangement
  • Transition from 6 lane to 4 lane
  • Safety Deficiency in completed zone
  • Heavy Construction equipments without proper/ any reflectors
  • The appropriateness of delineator / safety appurtenant
  • Worker safety: Helmet, shoe, reflectorised jacket etc

Highway Construction

Road safety Consultant during Construction and Maintenance


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  • IIT Kharagpur

  • Jurong Consultants

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