We take up traffic surveys by using different ATCC methods to determine base traffic, Spatial pattern, commodity movement, Loading behavior, Generated Traffic, Developmental Traffic, Diverted Traffic, Revealed and stated preference survey and various market research.

3000 KM NH / SH/ODR Traffic Demand assessment

1000 Km Toll Revenue Assessment Project

Smart City and Urban Transport Traffic Impact Study (TIS) & Parking management

3 Cities Transportation Master Plan Design

We being experts in Traffic and Transportation Engineering provide effective transportation planning through pinpointed survey and analysis of traffic, aiming to achieve the safe and efficient movement of people and goods on roadways.

We recognize that each traffic study has unique issues and no predetermined set of solutions. We also take a holistic approach with any type of traffic study and place great value in working closely with the client and/or stakeholders to gain a complete understanding of expectations and goals.

  • Planning Studies
  • Prioritisation Studies
  • Comprehensive Transport Studies
  • Urban Transport Studies
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Road Safety Audit
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Development of green field aerotropolis
  • Highway EngineeringCapacity Analysis.

  • Transport ModellingTraffic demand Estimate.

  • Urban Development Plan Strategic Option Study, Pedestrian, cycle track, congestion pricing

  • Transport Economics optimize traffic movement keeping the travel time and demand in proper consideration.

Feature Services

We have our in-house expert in providing the complex Transport Modeling and simulating traffic flows to optimize traffic movement

We find out the symptoms, make a competent diagnosis, analyze the system, build the statistics, examine conditions and facilities, conducts studies and offer Practical solutions for improving mobility, accessibility, safety and management.

Various recommendation and vibilities are assessed whether a facility requires capacity augmentation, Grade separation, elevated corridor, interchanges or improved intersection control, realignment plan or Bypass , service road, Toll plaza, Wayside amenities, Truck terminal, Pedestrian underpass or subways, Competitive Route Analysis, off street facilities and other city level improvement of traffic operations etc.

Besides, we also provides:
  • Turning Movement volume Count
  • O-D Survey
  • Axle Load Survey
  • Stated revealed preference Survey
  • Parking Survey
  • Truck Lay Bye Survey
  • Willingness to pay Survey
  • Junction Delay, Control Delay Survey
  • Saturation flow
  • Intermediate Public Transport Survey
  • Cordon-Line Survey
  • Registration – Number Survey
  • License Plate Follow-Up Survey Technique
  • Tag – on – Vehicle Survey
  • Post-Card Questionnaire Survey
  • Route Choice Behavior Survey
  • Mid block volume count (Classified Traffic Volume Count)
  • Spot Speed and network Speed-delay Survey
  • Pedestrian and Animal Volume Count Survey

Our Infrastructure

BPC India have the equipment and technical experience to collect traffic counts. This includes primary data collection, market research and data from secondary sources. We use modern electronic data collection equipment to improve both our accuracy and efficiency in analyzing the data. This data can be applied for traffic impact studies, operational analysis studies, signal warrant analysis, travel time and delay studies, vehicle gap studies and license plate studies.

  • ATCC
  • Surveillance
  • Data Analyser
  • Sidra Software
  • ITS


Highway Engineering

Capacity Analysis

Transport Modelling

Traffic demand Estimate

Transport Economics

Optimize traffic movement keeping the travel time and demand in proper consideration

Urban Development Plan

Strategic Option Study


Smart City Development Planning




  • STUP Consultants PVT ltd

  • IIT Kharagpur

  • Jurong Consultants

  • Cannon Design


  • NHAI

  • Jacobs

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