We have continued to develop our transport modelling capabilities and have in-house capability encompassing a wide-range of transport modelling expertise, including wide-area network assignment modeling and micro-simulation techniques.

2+Cyclist Modelling Plan

5+Network and Junction Modelling.

10+ City Transport Development Project

5+ User Choice Public Transport Interchange Modelling

The Service is divided into three levels

Transport Demand Models

for predicting overall travel patterns

Microscopic Transport Models

for predicting operations of individual road junctions

Regional Transport Models

for analysing impacts of transport systems across wide areas

The transport modeling module builds on theoretical aspects of transport planning and engineering to introduce a more applied approach covering the state-of-the-art in transport modelling. The overall aim is to develop an understanding of the different approaches to modelling the consequences of transport engineering, planning and policy decisions. We have extensive experience in developing models using SIDRA and VISSIM software.

As a transport expert, we analyse the situation of today, and a range of potential futures, to identify the best strategies to employ such as traffic management, road and rail infrastructure, new or changed public transport services, or policies on land use and car ownership. Be smart to plan for the future using transport planning tools to identify the packages of measures, which can best meet objectives such as improved accessibility, eliminating road accidents, minimising emissions and growing the economy.

  • Transport modelling Single and multi junction modelling

  • Highway EngineerSpreadsheet-based assessment and microsimulation

  • Urban Development Area-wide highway and PT assignment

  • Smart City PlanMulti-modal/variable demand models

Our Services

We have our in-house expert in providing the complex Transport Modeling and simulating traffic flows to optimize traffic movement keeping the travel time and demand in proper consideration.

  • Provide Transport Planning & Modelling Expertise
  • Develop New Transport Models
  • Enhance Existing Transport Models
  • Analyse & Report on Traffic Issues
  • Extract Non-Standard Model Outputs to Solve Transport Problems
  • Train Transport Modellers
  • Develop User Interfaces for Planners & Engineers
  • Development of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Programs
  • Convert Transport Models

Our Infrastructure

Traffic simulation models are exceptional tools to determine the optimal design for a traffic network, and the traffic signal timings for both an isolated intersection and a coordinated traffic signal system. We use the latest software available to prepare traffic simulation models. A simulation model provides the client with a great visual tool to show the operation and flow of traffic for a development, street network or parking garage.

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