Tunnel Design experience has spanned Subsurface Investigation, RMR & Q value assessment, Geological Strength Index , Stress Deformation Analysis, Ground Reaction Curves , Portal Class, Support System.

10km + Single Tunnel design for New Railway Line in Arunachal Pradesh

15+ Tunnel design Through a Highly Slide Prone Area in Manipur & Nagaland

100 Km Total Tunnel Length Engineering Report Executed

Our Tunnel design and safety consultation team is specialized in tunnel ventilation design, smoke dispersion, fire detection and suppression, and control and safety systems. We also know about the development of specialist repair schemes and damage, Methodology, and number of fronts.

As one of the best Tunnel designing companies in India, our expertise is to classify subsurface materials with relation to their excavation and support performance in tunnels in soils and rock. We identify new trends in tunnelling and understand the appropriate tunnelling method and tunnel lining system for a given situation. Our Cut and cover tunnel design company also selects and specifies suitable investigation techniques and equipment for tunnelling. We have mastered tunnelling techniques, Tunnel architecture design, and their applicability in certain soils while considering various physical constraints. Mitigation of the inevitable risks involved in tunnelling will also form an important part of our design scheme.

BPC India, a Tunnel design and construction agency, can provide a full range of geotechnical services to route and concept selection, design, construct and manage tunneling projects, from soft soil to fractured rock terrain. This includes field geotechnical, laboratory testing, ground movement prediction and mitigation etc.

Services and Features

  • Tunnel and Its drainage & allied civil work .
  • Comparability of Design for Railway electrification in future.
  • Tunnel illumination.
  • Communication system for Emergencies and maintenance.
  • Evacuation scheme in case of Emergencies.
  • Surveillance system.
  • Environment & Assessment .
  • Disposal of muck accrued from tunnel excavation.
  • Ballast less track.
  • Compatibility for provision of Signaling & telecom arrangements
  • Face stability assessment using both analytical and advanced numerical analyses.
  • Design of ground improvement requirements.
  • Analysis and specification of dewatering requirements.

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State-of-the-art soil and Rock mechanics.

NABL Accredited Laboratory


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