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BPC provides independent GIS consultancy services for all types of clients in both the Public and Private Sector with a highly experienced in-house technical team and technology that help our clients for image processing, cadastral data analysis, land use classification environmental mapping, infrastructure mapping, geopolitical and community mapping, urban planning etc.

BPC is one of the leading survey and engineering consultancy in eastern India offers a comprehensive GIS services through Ground Survey Method, Satellite Image Processing and Analysis and also aerial photography.

We also advise our client about the most appropriate sources and formats of GIS mapping data for a particular project and help them in the procurement process. We have grown expertise to develop a typical GIS mapping exercise which include base mapping at different scales, aerial imagery, overlay data such as postcode boundaries or census data or client specific data relevant to the project.

We are capable in GIS systems compatible with the software packages like MapInfo, AutoCAD, ArcInfo, ArcGIS and ERDAS help us to convert between any coordinate systems or GIS formats.




We provide services like

  • GIS data capture, manipulation and analysis
  • GPS surveys including +/- 1m accuracy.
  • Perform spatial and database analysis, statistical testing, and GIS modeling.
  • Set up new GIS systems and training.
  • Download field GPS points into the GIS system.
  • Produce full colour maps in A1, A2, A3 and A4 size.
  • Maps can be produced as *.pdf Adobe Acrobat files or for intranet and internet use.
  • Provide fly through 3D views.
  • Provide data to overlay on Google Earth


We provide solutions in Remote sensing and GIS which is a process of collecting information about objects without direct contact with them to fulfil the demand of our clients in different projects.

As the faster moving world rely on technology, we started working with Remote Sensing and GIS to fulfill special demand of projects and using this for specific purposes not only for topographic surveys but also for hydrologic analysis. Remote sensing is a process of collecting data of objects without being in direct contact with them. Active and passive sensors are used in Remote sensing. Active sensors themselves emit energy to target object to receive the reflected back energy while passive sensors receive the energy having the Sun as source reflected back from objects of interest. Remote sensed output images can thereafter be rectified by GIS software to process Geo-corrected image which can fulfil different project need.


Orthophotos are sometimes required for planning including the surface models such as contours, breaklines along with the planometric drawing and with the drone mapping system, this has been becoming essential to go for a preliminary survey for finalization of alignment of different utility lines, roads and railways and other purpose such as mining etc. Additionally this enable to have engineering visualization of the project.


We are enriched with our web mapping experts who use maps obtained from Geographical Information System (GIS) by different technology to process those giving requirement wise output.

We utilize different technologies such as spatial databases, Tiled Web Maps, Vector Tiles, GMS Servers etc in our web mapping sector to produce an enhancing output to our clients depending on project need. Maps are generated by storing data at cloud storage or servers. Sometimes GIS analysis is also used in web mapping to fulfil certain project demand.



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