We take up different NDT approaches and innovative solutions to determine the damage, its location and severity thus predicting the remaining life of important structures to recommend the suitable remedial measure to be taken up by the owner for the aging infrastructure.

Since we have been working for health monitoring by different NDT methods of GPR, Construction scan, seismic test, pile integrity test, electromagnetic test for different complex projects in tunnels and bridges, we have developed an in-house R&D for working with different sensors and MEMS technology which are used for different short term and long term monitoring of Tunnel, Bridges and other structures.

The traditional equipment are used to understand the strength, durability and structural integrity of concrete structures. Apart from Rebound hammer, pull out test, core cutter, Ultrasonic pulse velocity, corrosion analyse , resistivity meter; PiezoelectricAccelerometers, laser displacement, velocity transducer, strain gauge are being used for long term monitoring, in terms of instrumentation, data acquisition, communication systems and data mining and presentation procedures for diagnosis of infrastructural health.

Our service in Structural Health Monitoring, shall encompass

  • Regular monitoring for complicated structures
  • fatigue assessment and long term degradation
  • assessment of post-earthquake structural integrity
  • monitoring of structures affected by external works
  • monitoring during demolition or reconstruction
  • Operational evaluation Performance based design

Our Infrastructure

We have been closely working with different research institute to integrate the hardwares and softwares at our own laboratory to make use of different sensors, Automated data collection and processing for structural monitoring for a complete Design-to-service Solutions

  • Accelerometers/Inclinometers
  • Laser Scanning
  • Seismometers
  • RFIDs (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • Acoustic Emissions
  • MEMS
  • Velocity Transducers
  • temperature sensors
  • GPS position monitoring and meteorological
  • surveillance
  • Fiber optic sensor
  • StrainGauges


While we have been working for mainly Bridge and Tunnel, there are ample scope in evaluation of structural health and monitoring for different works and structure inspection, Repair, replacement in the North-East India which is prone to earthquake hazards.


Detection of damages at potential critical locations of a bridge component, (condition of bearing / expansion joint) assessing and predicting the structural performance, providing the database for optimum bridge maintenance intervention, and thus enhancing the bridge design process.


To ensure the efficient use of the tunnes and their assets it is essential to manage and maintain their structural integrity carefully and sometimes by installing instrumentation with crack, stress, strain and displacement for safety monitoring.

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